FromDarkHell / BorderlandsDiscordRP

is a skill in Gaige’s Ordered Chaos skill tree. When reloading prematurely, Discord takes effect, giving:

  • +25% Fire Rate
  • +65% Weapon Accuracy
  • +3% Max Health regenerated per second
  • Anarchy stacks are lost at a rate of 1.33 per second

Discord can be shut off early by prematurely reloading again. Otherwise, it will end when there are no more stacks of Anarchy to consume.


  • Discord prevents the loss of all stacks of Anarchy when reloading prematurely, although they will be lost over time while Discord is active.
  • Being crippled and under the effects of Discord simultaneously doesn’t increase the speed of Anarchy stacks loss.
  • When Discord is active, cartoony icons will float up the left and right sides of the HUD, along with a blowing sound, as a reminder that Discord is active. The icons include small pink hearts, a skull and crossbones wearing a hair bow, a tiny unicorn, a kitten head wearing a bow over a pair of crossed bolts, and an anthropomorphic mouse face wearing what appears to be Krieg’s respirator.
  • A bug can cause Discord to be active permanently if it is active when skill points are reset. The only way to shut it off is to quit out of the game, or to have a point in Discord and then reload a gun manually. No other action will dispel it, including dying, reloading (without points spent in this skill), or fast traveling. Having a point in anarchy, however, requires the user to have at least one Anarchy stack, it will not dispel or consume Anarchy stacks — but it is only active with anarchy stacks. The graphical change to the HUD will remain the entire time this bug is active.
  • Discord’s accuracy bonus is cumulative with the accuracy penalty imposed by existing stacks of Anarchy. At high levels of Anarchy the bonus will be nugatory.


  • The skill’s name, like several others in Gaige’s repertoire, is a reference to the animated television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in which «Discord» is the name of a mischievous god-like antagonist.
  • Even if Gaige has no Anarchy stacks, prematurely reloading after investing in Discord will cause her to speak the quotes for activating it, and the sound effect of Discord will also play briefly.
  • Taking this skill adds three claws to Deathtrap’s right hand.
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This is a program coded in C# that uses Discord’s Rich Presence feature to display Borderlands 2 / Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel information on your discord profile while the game is running. Information like:

  • Current mission selected
  • Current character being played
  • Current level of said character being played
  • How many players in the lobby with you (including you)
  • How long you’ve been playing
  • What map you’re in
  • What game you’re playing

Programs like this is possible due to c0dycode’s CommandInjector, mopioid’s BLIO library, Discord for making Discord, Lachee’s discord-rpc-csharp library, and FromDarkHell for uh making this.

  1. Download BorderlandsDiscordRP here.

  2. Next off you’ll want to create a new Discord Application (Hey. Click on the link)

    1. Click the big fat button right that says, Create an Application
      • You may need to verify your email on Discord
    2. Next you’ll have a page that should look contain a text box that says, Name
      • Change the text to anything, if you want to be like me
        , change it to Borderlands Rich Presence
    3. Change the app icon to the BL2Icon.png
      file you downloaded earlier.
      1. You know that ZIP file you extracted earlier containing files like, BL2Icon.png
        ? You’ll want to open that folder up again.
      2. Click and drag that BL2Icon.png
        file onto the picture that looks like
    4. Below where the Name
      box was, you’ll see some text that says Client ID
      and right below it is some numbers.
      1. Write/Copy (Click the Copy button) that down! You’ll need it later.
    5. Click Save Changes
      otherwise Discord’ll shake and you’ll cause an earthquake or something exciting.
    6. Next what you’ll want to do is update all of the Rich Presence settings.
      • To go to the rich presence panel, Look .
      • Click the thing that says, Rich Presence
        . Pretty subtle I know.
    7. Do the same thing you did with the app icon thing earlier with the Cover Image
      • See Step #3.
    8. Now you’ll want to select BOTH
      , the BL2Icon.png
      , and TPSIcon.png
      to the Add Image(s)
    9. Click the Save Changes
      button once more
      • See Step #5.
    10. Now you’re done with Discord!
  3. Installing CommandInjector

    1. Quit the game if running.
    2. Download the latest version of ddraw.dll
    3. Locate the Win32
      folder within your game’s Binaries
    4. Copy ddraw.dll
      to the Win32
    5. In the Win32
      folder, create a folder called Plugins
    6. Download the latest version of CommandInjector.
    7. Open the
      file to view its contents.
    8. Copy CommandInjector.dll
      (If you’re installing it for BL2) or CommandInjectorTPS.dll
      (If you’re installing it for TPS) to the Plugins
      folder you created.
    9. From the folder with the BL2Icon.png
      stuff, copy the Borderlands RP.exe
      program wherever you would like, then run it like you do with programs
      ! (BL2 or TPS do not need to already be running.)
  4. Borderlands RP Setup

    1. Run Borderlands RP.exe
      if you haven’t already.
    2. You remember that Client ID
      you should’ve written down (See Step #4 again) right?
      1. Now is the time to paste/type the ID in.
      2. If you don’t know how to copy paste into consoles like Borderlands RP.exe
        1. Right click on the top bar that that says, Borderlands Discord Rich Presence
        2. Next move onto the little text thing that says, Edit
        3. Next click the thing that says Paste
        4. You may or may not need to click enter for it to finish pasting
      3. You did it! You copy pasted!
    3. Discord Rich Presence will now connect to Discord.
    4. You’ll hopefully never have to enter that Client ID ever again.
    • Now if you press C
      , you’ll be able to change your Client ID for some reason.
    • If you press T
      , You’ll change the time (in seconds) that Borderlands Rich Presence will update Discord.
    • If you press ESC
      , You’ll close the program. You wouldn’t want to do that right? 🙁
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