jagrosh / GiveawayBot


Hold giveaways quickly and easily on your Discord server! GiveawayBot is powered by JDA and JDA-Utilities.

If you’d like to add GiveawayBot
to your server, use the following link:🔗

  • !ghelp
    — Provides the bot’s commands via Direct Message
  • !gcreate
    — Interactive giveaway setup
  • !gstart [winners] [prize]
    — Starts a new giveaway in the current channel. Users can react with a 🎉
    to enter the giveaway. The time can be in seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Specify the time unit with an «s», «m», «h», or «d», for example 30s
    or 2h
    . If you include a number of winners, it must be in the form #w, for example 2w
    or 5w
  • !greroll [messsageId]
    — Re-rolls a winner. If you provided a message ID, it rerolls the giveaway at that ID. If you leave it blank, it looks in the current channel for the most recent giveaway and rerolls from that.
  • !gend [messageId]
    — Ends a giveaway immediately. If you provided a message ID it will end the giveaway at that ID. If you leave it blank, it looks in the current channel for the most recent giveaway and ends that.
  • !glist
    — Lists currently-running giveaways on the server.

If you find bugs or would like to suggest features, join my bot development server here: https://invite.gg/jagrosh

Self-hosting your own copy of this bot is not supported; the source code is provided here so users and other bot developers can see how the bot functions. No help will be provided for editing, compiling, or building any code in this repository, and any changes must be documented as per the license.

A Discord bot that does automated game giveaways. Built-in integration for Steam titles, but can handle anything connected to a URL. Heavily inspired by https://github.com/jagrosh/GiveawayBot, differs from the original with :

  • bot commands are in private message, allowing for surprise giveaways, direct messaging of game keys to winners, detailed data queries and other quiet admin functions
  • queuing of future giveaways
  • anti-greed features automatically prevents a winner from entering another giveaway for a while
  • better Steam integration

A demo version can be seen on Discord: https://discord.gg/gMEGQBj (Bot is limited to non-admin functions, I can’t auto-assign admin rights to users. I’m not active on this Discord channel, it’s for demo purposes, if you need help or found a bug, please use Github).

  • An online machine to host your bot on. Your machine doesn’t need to be publicly visible to the internet.
  • Either Docker in a Linux environment, or NodeJS 7 or higher.

If you’re hosting on Windows :

  • first familiarize yourself with best practices for running NodeJS apps as stable and persistent services on Windows.
  • Windows is known to wipe and reset bot state after system crashes or restarts. This is a Windows issue, and will not be addressed.
  • go to https://discordapp.com/developers/applications/me
  • click on «new app»
  • follow the instructions and create your app — you need to add only a name
  • after creating your app scroll down the app page and click on «create a bot user» to convert your app to a bot
  • on the bot’s config page, copy the bot’s client id, you’ll need this later. Also click on «click to reveal token», copy this too for the next step.

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY — most setup issues are caused by incorrect folder structure.

There are several ways to fetch the bot’s code. Regardless of which you use, you need to :

  1. Create a root folder for your bot.

     mkdir myBot 

    This is where you’ll put either docker-compose.yml, or the code from this project if you downloaded the bot code from github directly. If the latter, you should see package.json in this folder

  2. In the root folder create a work folder
    called «discord-giveawaybot»

     mkdir myBot/discord-giveawaybot 

    This is where the bot writes its own volatile files.

  3. In the work folder
    , create a settings file. If you’re on Linux, you can use

     touch myBot/discord-giveawaybot/settings.json 

    The bot will write to this file too.

  4. In the root of this Github project you’ll find exampleSettings.json, copy its contents to the settings file from the step above, and replace «ADD YOUR BOT TOKEN HERE» with the Discord bot token you copied in «Create your bot on Discord first» above. Remember to use the token, not the client id.

You can get the bot code in three different ways.

This is the recommended method because it’s easiest to setup and update. Create a docker-compose.yml file in your bot root folder and add the following to it

version: "2" services:   node:     container_name: discordgiveawaybot     image: shukriadams/discord-giveawaybot:latest     restart: unless-stopped     command: npm start     volumes:     - ./discord-giveawaybot/:/usr/giveawaybot/discord-giveawaybot/:rw 

In the root folder run

docker-compose up -d 

These settings can of course be tweaked to suite your host setup, only npm start and the volume map are required. Bot state is in ./discord-giveawaybot, back this up if desired.


    npm install discord-giveawaybot --save 

Run npm start

Clone this repo, then run

    npm install     npm start 


If you’re not hosting with Docker, you need to restart the bot process when it unexpectedly exits. pm2 is an excellent option.

You can also set the bot up as a service

[Service] WorkingDirectory=/path/to/bot/package.json ExecStart=/usr/bin/npm start Restart=always StandardOutput=syslog StandardError=syslog SyslogIdentifier=giveaway User=YOURUSER Group=YOURGROUP Environment=NODE_ENV=production 

You can use whatever you prefer, just as long as you handle exits, as the bot will
exit periodically.

  • back on your app’s Discord config page (from the first section above), use the bot client id you copied and paste it into this url, replacing YOURCLIENTID

  • then navigate to that url in a browser. You’ll be able to select which of your Discord servers you want to add it to. After doing this you should see your bot as a user on your server.

  • Your bot needs to know which channel you’ll be broadcasting giveaways in. Go to the channel you want to use and write «@BOTNAME channel» where BOTNAME is whatever name you gave your bot.

  • That’s it, you’re set to go.

By default, only admins can create and manage giveaways. If you want to delegate giveaway responsibilities to non-admins

  • go to your Discord server settings and select «roles»
  • on the roles page, add a role called «Giveaways». If you don’t want to use this name, create any role you want, and add that name to settings.json (requires bot restart)
  • Assign the role «Giveaways» (or whatever you called it) to users who’ll run giveaways.

Your bot should always have the permission Manage Messages
. It gets assigned this by default, so you don’t have to set it, but do not disable it.

When a giveaway starts, the bot will publish a message in the giveaway channel, along with an emote. Users should click the emote to join the giveaway. The emote is set in settings.json as the «joinGiveawayResponseCharacter» property. This value must
be a valid emote that Discord supports. You can get a list of emotes at any site that lists them, one example is


Note that emotes are single ASCII emoji characters, so the emoji for smile must be «🎉», and not «:fanfare:» (or whatever that emoji is called)

One of the major differences between this bot and jagrosh’s giveawaybot is that this bot uses direct communication — you don’t talk to it in public chat.

Price brackets let you limit how often users can win a game within a price range. If you register a bracket of $0-100, and a user wins a game that costs $50, that user will automatically be prevented, for seven days, from entering another giveaway for any game costing between 0 and 100 USD. Brackets are optional — you can register none, one, or as many as you like.

brackets -b 0-20-50-100 

sets 3 brackets, 1-20, 20-50 and 50-100. If a game costs 20 USD, it falls in the first bracket that it fits in, 0-20 in this case. You can start and brackets at any price range. For example

brackets -b 20-30 

sets one bracket, and will catch only games that fall in its range, and a user will be allowed unlimited entry in games below 20USD or above 30USD.

Prices are always in USD.

For a list of current brackets, use


Admins or the creator of a giveaway can cancel that giveaway if it hasn’t started yet, or is in progress.

This is the only bot command done in public chat. It registers the channel from which it is sent as the channel in which giveaways will be broadcast.

Gets a list of commands from the bot.

Lists all ongoing giveaways.

list all 

Shows ongoing and complete and cancelled giveaways.

Additionally, admins and users with giveaway rolls will be able to see pending giveaways.

Tell a user if they’re on cooldown for a given bracket if they recently won a game in that bracket.

Creates a giveaway to be started at some time in the future. Requires admin or giveaway roll. A game activation code can optionally be added to this command — the winner will receive this code in a private message.

An admin or user with giveaway role can reroll a winner on a finished giveaway if they so wish. Note this obviously doesn’t have much meaning if the activation code is attached to the giveaway, as the previous winner will already have received the code, so use common sense.

Simple rules text can be found using


To set rules text, admin pemission is required. Use

rules Your text here ... 

Immediately starts a giveaway.

This command is currently disabled.

The bot automatically cleans out completed/cancelled competitions after 14 days.

Get participate emoji characters at http://emojipedia.org

  • The bot can handle a maximum of 100 participants per giveaway. Anyone above that 100 will be ignored — this is a limitation in Discord’s API, and will be fixed when Discord fixes their API. As a workaround, a giveaway will automatically end when it reaches 100 participants.

  • The bot can lose giveaways on Windows systems after a system crash or reset. The exact cause isn’t known but is assumed to be Windows system restore.

If you expose your bot process to HTTP traffic, it will reply to /status queries with an integer indicating how responsive/overloaded the daemon is. A healthy bot should return 0, if this number is greater than 0 your bot is in trouble.

HTTP traffic is disabled by default, to enable it add the following to settings.json

"enableHealthMonitor" : true 

The default port the bot listens on is 8080, set some other port with

"healthMonitorPort" : 3000 

So using the settings above and assuming your bot is hosted at https://mybot.example.com, the status call would be


The bot is basically two processes

  • a message handler that receives message instructions from Discord users and responds to them immediately.
  • a daemon which ticks at an interval, and which carries out instructions that are not directly driven by incoming user messages

All other files are helpers for the above. Other stuff :

  • Giveaway data is persisted with a local Loki.js store, in /discord-giveawaybot/__store
  • Errors are logged out with Winston in /discord-giveawaybot/__logs
  • The daemon uses node-cron for its timer.

If you use Vagrant, the included vagrant script will start an Ubuntu VM ready to run the bot (for development or testing).

cd /vagrant vagrant up vagrant ssh 

Then in the VM run

yarn --no-bin-links (flag needed only if your host machine is Windows) node start (or npm start) 

If you want to run the bot directly on your host system without yarn

npm install node start (or npm start) 
npm test 

or if you want to test with a debugger (Webstorm, VSCode etc), point your debugger to /tests/test.js and

cd /tests node test 

Discord Giveaway is a powerful Node.js module that allows you to easily create giveaways!

  • The duration of the Giveaway is customizable!
  • Automatic restart after bot crash
  • Update of the timer every X seconds!
  • The strings are fully customizable so you can adapt them to your language!
  • And customizable prize, customizable number of winners, customizable ignored members, and more!

npm install discord - giveaway
  • Add fetch()
    function to get the complete list of the giveaways!
  • Add reroll()
    function to reroll a giveaway!
  • Add edit()
    function to edit a giveaway!
  • Fix a bug with the translation
  • Add delete()
    function to delete a giveaway
  • Supports Discord.js v11 and
    Discord.js v12
  • Add storage option
const Discord =
giveaways  =
client  =
settings  =
    prefix : " g! "
    token : " Your Discord Token "
client ;

After that, giveaways that are not yet completed will start to be updated again and new giveaways can be launched. You can pass a list of options to this method to customize the giveaway. Here is a list of them:

  • client
    : the discord client (your discord bot instance)
  • options.updateCountdownEvery
    : the number of seconds it will take to update the timers
  • options.botsCanWin
    : whether the bots can win a giveaway
  • options.ignoreIfHasPermission
    : an array of discord permissions. Members who have at least one of these permissions will not be able to win a giveaway even if they react to it.
  • options.embedColor
    : a hexadecimal color for the embeds of giveaways.
  • options.reaction
    : the reaction that users will have to react to in order to participate!
  • options.storage
    : the json file that will be used to store giveaways

: the giveaway durationoptions.prize
: the giveaway prizeoptions.winnersCount
: the number of giveaway winners

This allows you to launch a giveaway. Once the start()
function is called, the giveaway starts and you only have to observe the result, the module does the rest!

let  allGiveaways  = giveaways ;
let  onServer  = allGiveaways ;
let  notEnded  = allGiveaways ;


: the new number of winnersoptions.newPrize
: the new prizeoptions.addTime
: the number of milliseconds to add to the giveaway duration options.setEndTimestamp
: the timestamp of the new end date. Date.now()+1000

⚠️ Tips: to reduce giveaway time, define addTime
with a negative number! For example addTime: -5000
will reduce giveaway time by 5 seconds!


When you use the delete function, the giveaway data and the message of the giveaway are deleted. You cannot restore a giveaway once you have deleted it.

You can also pass a messages
parameter for start()
function, if you want to translate the bot text :

  • options.messages.giveaway
    : the message that will be displayed above the embeds
  • options.messages.giveawayEnded
    : the message that will be displayed above the embeds when the giveaway is terminated
  • options.messages.timeRemaining
    : the message that displays the remaining time (the timer)
  • options.messages.inviteToParticipate
    : the message that invites users to participate
  • options.messages.winMessage
    : the message that will be displayed to congratulate the winner(s) when the giveaway is terminated
  • options.messages.embedFooter
    : the message displayed at the bottom of the embeds
  • options.messages.noWinner
    : the message that is displayed if no winner can be drawn
  • options.messages.winners
    : simply the word «winner» in your language
  • options.messages.endedAt
    : simply the words «Ended at» in your language
  • options.messages.units.seconds
    : simply the word «seconds» in your language
  • options.messages.units.minutes
    : simply the word «minutes» in your language
  • options.messages.units.hours
    : simply the word «hours» in your language
  • options.messages.units.days
    : simply the word «days» in your language

For example :

giveaways start message channel
    time :
    prize : args
    winnersCount :
    messages :
        giveaway : " 🎉 **GIVEAWAY** 🎉 "
        giveawayEnded : " 🎉 **GIVEAWAY ENDED** 🎉 "
        timeRemaining : " Time remaining: **{duration}**! "
        inviteToParticipate : " React with 🎉 to participate! "
        winMessage : " Congratulations, {winners}! You won **{prize}**! "
        embedFooter : " Giveaways "
        noWinner : " Giveaway cancelled, no valid participations. "
        winners : " winner(s) "
        endedAt : " Ended at "
        units :
            seconds : " seconds "
            minutes : " minutes "
            hours : " hours "
            days : " days "

And for the reroll()


: the message of congratulationsoptions.error
: the error message if there is no valid participations.

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