= m i m u =

adorably aesthetic bot with currency economy system, hotline links of 60+ countries, autoresponder/custom commands, and utilities.
• one of the most configurable bots that you can ever have • • can easily ask team to add missing country’s hotlines through support server • • continuous, rapid development and accountable updates • • 99.99% uptime, online 24/7 • • smooth, modern and cute interface • • we listen to your suggestions and implement what you
want most •

Looking for help and information on how to use Mimu?Check out this page on desktop instead to get a better look at them or invite the bot and start with .help

= optional arguments || []
= mandatory arguments

command examples description                    
general commands
these commands can be done by anyone
.balance checks someone’s balance
.buy [product # or name in shop] buy something from shop
.clickmallow .clickmallow spam-click a marshmallow for within a timeframe.
.coinflip [heads/tails] [value #] flip a coin and gamble
.drop [value #] .drop 100 drop an amount of to be picked
.help .help preview help page
.give give away an amount of currency or an item
.leaderboard > view leaderboard
.pet pet the bot or give away for or give to user
.pick .pick pick up dropped in the chat when Mimu prompts
.ping .ping pings the bot
.shop shows the server's shop
.snuggle snuggle the bot or give away for or give to user
.suggest [suggestion] .suggest Mimu should have more commands inputs a suggestion to Mimu
pet / vote commands
- these commands either link to voting, or require you to have pets (checked by .balance
). pets are bought by a global currency, amount when joined
.set mallowval [value #] .set mallowval 2 set new amount each time someone clicks the mallow in clickmallow comands
.set dailyvalmax/workvalmin [value #] set new maximum and minimum amount given for snuggle command
.set workvalmax/workvalmin [value #] set new maximum and minimum amount given for pet command
.set pickvalmax/pickvalmin [value #] set new maximum and minimum amount given for pick command when spawned
.set dailycooldown [hours #] .set dailycooldown 6 set new cooldown for snuggle command
.set workcooldown [hours #] .set workcooldown 3 set new cooldown for pet command
.set pickchannels add/+ #channel (plural or not plural also okay for pickchannel(s)) set pickchannels for .pick
to spawn during active chatting, which can be picked by .pick
.set pickchannels remove/- #channel (plural or not plural ok for pickchannel(s)) remove pickchannel to spawn during active chatting, which can be picked by .pick
.set blacklist add/+ #channel blacklist(s) channel(s) that are mentioned
.set blacklist remove/- #channel .set blacklist remove #general-chat un-blacklist the channel mentioned
.set embedcolor #hexcode .set embedcolor #000000 sets a color for majority of bot embeds
.set shop add/+ [price value #] [no. of product available #] [product name], addshing to the shop according to your configurations. number of product available: to make unlimited, type 0
.set shop remove/- [product name] removes a product from shop
.set autospace on/off turn on or turn off your autospacing of channels (turns -
to a space of a channel)
miscellaneous administrative commands
- these commands require 'Manage Server' permissions
.event start [value #] start a currency reaction event in the channel you typed in or specified channel
.event end ends a currency event in channel you typed in or specified channel
.modifybal add/remove/+/- [value #] [user] adds/remove balance of a user
.modifyrolebal add/remove/+/- [value #] [role] adds/remove balance of those in a specified role
.reset all [options (confirm, settings, events, shop, inventory, balances)] resets the argument you put in (note: plural doesn't matter in this command), for inventories, balances, settings, events or the shop, or all at once (confirm).
.reset [user] .reset iara#0001 resets a user's balance
.reset balance/inventory [user] .reset balance iara#0001 reset's a user's balance or inventory
mod util commands
- these commands require special corresponding permissions, e.g. manage channels permission
.affiliate .affiliate set up affiliation with Mimu bot
.autoresponder add/+ [trigger] | [response] .autoresponder add hi mimu! |
hello {user}!
add an autoresponder to Mimu
.autoresponder remove/- [trigger] remove an autoresponder to mimu
.autoresponder show [trigger] .autoresponder show hi mimu! show an autoresponder
.spacechannel [#channel] changes -
to a space in all channels specified (max. 15)
.spacechannel all .spacechannel all spaces all channels in the server
.spacechannel auto on/off (this is the same as .set autospace on/off
) turn on or off the autospacing of channels that are made from now on
.spacechannel [#channel] - changes spaced channels to -
in all channels specified (max. 15)
.spacechannel all - .spacechannel all - reverts all space channels to -
crisis commands
- these commands don't require specific permissions
.crisis [countryname] view crisis hotlines for a specified country
.crisis online .crisis online online hotlines and active listening sites
configuration name default settings
prefix .
mallowval 1
dailyvalmax 60
dailyvalmin 30
workvalmax 15
workvalmin 5
pickvalmax 10
pickvalmin 5
dailycooldown 24 (hours)
workcooldown 1 (hour)
shop null
autospace off
blacklist null
embedcolor default baby blue
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