Successfully Teaching English via Skype: 6 Tips to Attract Students, Craft Unique Lessons and More

In our online English School:

We’re delighted to see you here!

If you want to improve your English skills and speak Enlish fluently and with confidence, you’re in the right place.

  • our English lessons on Skype are affordable, effective and fun
  • all native English teachers on Skype are qualified and have years of experience
  • all English lessons via Skype are flexible – learn wherever YOU are, whenever YOU want

Individual Plans

Everyone learns differently this is why our Skype English lessons are tailored to your learning needs.

Price and Quality

Learning English in our school is a great value for money. You will get quality English lessons on Skype at affordable price.

Learning Materials

We use advanced learning techniques and modern teaching materials to make your Skype English lessons fun and motivational.

Try Skype English Lessons today

Join our online English school and try our free trial lesson to have a look at what online English Lessons we are offering. Just click on the big red button below and fill in the request form! 

English Learning Club — Easy Peasy English

Improve every aspect of your English
in Harry’s Easy Peasy VIP English Club:

  • FREE
    weekly English lesson (with 24×7 access)
  • homework tasks and activities
  • English pronunciation exercises
  • access to 6 online courses for FREE
  • ability to ask questions directly to me
  • monthly competition to win a FREE
    live lesson with me

Online English Courses

No time? Do you find English lessons on Skype expensive? We have a different solution for you! Try our online English language courses

Our online English language courses will help you:

  • improve English speaking skills
  • improve English listening skills
  • learn and review English grammar rules
  • prepare for a job interview in English
  • stop making mistakes in English

English Grammar Rules Refresher

English Grammar Rules Course helps Intermediate English Learners master English Grammar Tenses so you can speak English fluently and with confidence.

73 Common English Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you want to speak English with confidence? Learn from others’ mistakes. Collection of common mistakes in English made by my students.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview in English

Job Interview Preparation course helps you prepare for a job interview in English properly so you will have all the keys to nail that job interview and get your dream job.

What Our Students Say:

English lessons via Skype helped me not only learn the necessary exam theory, but also learn how to apply it in practice. An individual approach to each student  … >>>

I am working in a multinational company. I had to improve my English quickly as I wanted to achieve professional success. After 6 months of Skype English lessons I could make … >>>
I really enjoyed my Skype English lessons with Harry. Interesting activities and individual approach really make a difference. There was never lack of learning … >>>

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Meet Our Native English Teachers


Hello. My name is Harry! I am a native English speaker. I hold a TEFL certificate in teaching English as a foreign language and I have over 8 years teaching experience.


Hi, my name is Helen. I studied at Staffordshire and Manchester University, where i graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Childhood Studies.


My name is Michelle. I was born in Manchester I am a native English speaker. I am TEFL qualified and have experience of teaching ESL students …

Skype English Lessons – Your Questions Answered

Skype English lessons, or Skype English classes, offer English language learners the chance to study the language in live classes with voice and video, over the internet, using Skype’s free VoIP technology.

Schedule a Skype English Lesson Today

Should I take English lessons by Skype?

Yes. Learning English by Skype allows you to actually use the language, rather than just study it. Not using the language is a bit like trying to learn to play piano, without ever touching a piano. Speaking and listening in real conversations is essential for learning. Even in a live classroom, students typically spend very little time using the language. In a 1-to-1 Skype English lesson, or in a small group class, they can spend all their time in conversation.

Does taking Skype English lessons online work for advanced students?

Yes, this is a great way for advanced students to learn. It allows the opportunity to study with native speakers, engage in real English conversations, take specialty classes such as pronunciation, advanced grammar, writing, or job interview preparation.

Will my Skype English tutor be a native speaker?

It depends on the company you decide to take classes with. Some companies offer very inexpensive classes with non-native teachers. Others focus just on native Englis speakers, and other companies use both, and focus more on the ability of the teacher than their first language.

Is Skype the only way to study English online with live video?

When it comes to online English lessons Skype isn’t the only software you can use. Google offers Google Hangouts, which are a really good alternative, and there are several other types of technology, such as Whatsapp, that are becoming more popular. The most important thing isn’t English Skype lessons, it’s connecting with live teachers in small classes. Going online, whatever the platform is, usually makes this easier.

What does it cost to learn English by Skype?

Typical cost for learning English by Skype with a native speaker or an experienced teacher. is between $20 and $50 dollars per hour, depending on the company. There are cheaper options as well, with either inexperienced teachers or non-native speakers.

Is there a Skype school of English?

Skype, the company, does not currently sponsor it’s own English school. If you want to learn English Skype is a great tool that many great schools do use.

Can I practice English by Skype for free?

It is possible to find someone who would be interested in studying with you for free, or even more likely, someone who would be willing to do a language exchange, where you help them learn your native language, and they help you learn English.

Any advice for how to make Skype English lessons work best for me?

  • Take classes at least 2 times per week, even three. It seems like less than that, and students don’t advance much.
  • Study between classes.
  • Try listening to podcasts, watching movies in English, and reading in English.
  • Change teachers from time to time so that they don’t get used to your mistakes, and you don’t get used to the way they speak.
  • Ask the teacher to focus on topics that are most important for you, such as business English.

Freedom to Travel

Freedom to Work

Freedom to Study

Freedom to Create Friendships

Freedom to Find Information

Freedom to Educate Yourself

Did you know, almost 60% of all internet content is in English, and only 20% of the world’s population currently speak English?

One-to-One English Online Lessons

  • Speak British English like a Native
  • Add REAL-LIFE Expressions to your Speech
  • Perfect British Pronunciation and Accent
  • Cover Many Topics, Never Feel Uncomfortable Again
  • Smile, Joke and Laugh with your Teacher
  • IELTS Preparation, Get That UK Visa
  • A FREE 20-minute Trial Class

Our Professional, Experienced Teachers are Ready to Help you Reach your Language Goals.

How Can You Achieve this Freedom?

My name is Corrine and I’ve been teaching students from every continent for the past 11 years.

I have found 2 amazing teachers to work with me in providing the most valuable online classes, these are Teacher Lee and Teacher Karen.

Whether for business, travel, conversation, or simply for a hobby, whatever your reason is for learning English, you’ve come to the right place, we can’t wait to work with you.

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Work with a British Native Speaker
  • Relax, Smile, Enjoy your Lesson
  • Focus on EXACTLY What you Need
  • IELTS? Conversation? Business? Travel? We’ve Got you Covered
  • FREE 20-minute Class, Experience Our Classes for REAL

Student Testimonials

A few testimonials from our much-loved NEST students who are reaching their English-speaking goals with us.

Ludo — Italy

‘It has been two years since I started having daily classes with NEST. I found listening and understanding such difficult tasks as well as being fluent. NEST has helped me for real and my accuracy has improved. There is not just a single aspect which made me improve. Reports after the class, constant feedback during the class, several topics in 50 relaxing minutes, some support the teacher gives to me has been helpful to develop my skills. My teacher has always encouraged me to go on.

I’d strongly suggest NEST to everyone who likes to learn English for a propose or just for the sake of speaking a fantastic language. Everybody gets what they deserve and I got NEST because I deserve it.’ 

Victoria and Danik — Russia

‘Before studying English with a NEST I had been studying it with a non-native speaker for 3 years. Afterwards she suggested I find a Native Speaker and practice my language.To tell the truth I always have language barriers so I got seriously into this !! 

Firstly I began to surf the Internet. I read each website in detail. When I found NEST I decided to send a request for the private one-to-one English lesson with a British Teacher.

When we met I understood we would be friends and my teacher would help me to overcome my struggles! As I am a flight attendant I must speak English because I have a lot of international flights. 

So I am happy and thankful for their help in my improving English ! 

P.S.Now my elder son has English lessons and I am sure he will achieve good results!’

Svetlana — Hong Kong

‘With a great desire I want to thank you for the effective method of learning English.

My native language is Russian. My difficulty is to overcome the language barrier, to speak. As soon as I need to speak English , it’s very stressful . Thanks to lessons with NEST, my fear of English ceased to exist. I started to speak a little. Thank you for your understanding, patience and cheerful disposition. 

Every lesson I can see my mistakes as you correct my pronunciation, in a short time I began to understand English better. 

I can say that NEST are the best. I recommend NEST to my friends.’

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