Top Tips For How To Use Snapchat On Mac

While Snapchat doesn’t provide a website to view your friends’ snaps, there’s still a way to use Snapchat on your Mac — here’s how.

Sending Snaps to your contacts can be fun way to quickly interact with friends and family. It’s often used to share useless pictures and videos that you wouldn’t share on other social media platforms because they vanish after 24 hours. The app has over 190 million daily users and is used by a lot of celebrities to share their eventful lives. 

While Snapchat is already available on iOS and Android, it’s not yet officially available for Mac — but that looks like it could be changing soon. But while there’s no official macOS variant of the app, there’s still a way to use Snapchat on a Mac — using emulators. Here, we show you how to use one of the most popular Android emulators to use Snapchat on your Mac.  

If you’re looking to get it working on a Windows machine, check our guide on our sister site Tech Advisor.

Is Snapchat coming to Mac? 

While our how-to below shows you a workaround for accessing Snapchat on your Mac using an Android emulator, the good news is that Snapchat should officially appear on Mac at some point
. During Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote, the company showcased a brand new Mac App Store alongside macOS Mojave. 

At the end of the announcement, Apple announced that Microsoft, Adobe and more would be bringing apps to the Mac App Store. And, in true Apple fashion, it flashed up icons of other apps coming to the store. If you were quick enough, you might’ve noticed the Snapchat icon in the top-right corner. 

While we assumed that Snapchat would appear around the launch of macOS Mojave, it never did. But with the introduction of Project Catalyst in macOS Catalina, a process that makes it easy to port iOS apps to Mac, we imagine that Snapchat will launch on the Mac at some point following the release of Catalina later this year.

How to use Snapchat on Mac

The easiest way to use Snapchat on your Mac at the moment is via an Android emulator like Bluestacks. We show you how to install and use the free app below.

Install Bluestacks on your Mac

For those that don’t know, Bluestacks essentially re-creates an Android device on both Mac, which enables you to download any Android app and use it on a computer — a nifty feature to have if you want to use it on a bigger screen.

To get the application, download the installer from Bluestacks’ website, then follow the on-screen prompts to install the app. The application is free to download and use. Once installed, open the program and start setting up your Android device.

Link to your Google account

In order to use Bluestacks you’ll need to setup an Android device on your Mac. This is all done through the program and will require you to sign into a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account you’ll need to create one. 

Once you’ve signed into your Google account, you have to link it to the Bluestacks application and account.

Install Snapchat

Once set up, click the Search icon and look for Snapchat on the Play Store (the Android equivalent of Apple’s App Store). Once downloaded, open Snapchat and sign into your account, as you would on an iOS device.

If you don’t have a Snapchat account, you can always set on up directly from the Bluestacks emulator.

After Snapchat has been set up you’ll be able to use it to view your friend’s snaps. You can also send snaps if you have a webcam on your Mac or MacBook. If you don’t happen to have a functional webcam, you’ll receive multiple pop-ups informing you to connect a camera. To get rid of the warnings repeatedly click the Cancel button and the warning will disappear.

Have fun snapping away Macworld reader!

New to the world of video? Here’s the difference between Clips and Snapchat.

Snapchat for Mac
is the image-based instant messaging application and multimedia application, which is developed by the Snap Inc. Download Snapchat for Mac
Free. Snapchat for Macbook Pro allows you to send snaps to your contacts, which will be a more fun way to interact with friends and family members quickly. Snapchat for Macbook Air is often used to share useless pictures and videos
that you would not share on other social networks
because they vanish after 24 hours. Snapchat
for Mac OS has more than 100 million users per day, which will be a quite large amount when compared to other similar applications. Snapchat for Mac is used more by the celebrities to share their events. Snapchat is available for almost all devices and all platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems, So you can have more flexibility while using the application. The app interface provides you with the access to the camera
in the more fun way. You can use your Macbook camera to express yourself to others, and It is the camera made for communicating with others at the moment. The Snapchat provides you with a plenty of stickers and emojis and more. The stickers
allow you to add more meaning to your chat and you can do fun with your friends and also funnily express your thoughts. The app interface allows you to learn more about the world, which enables you to keep up with the stories from friends, publishers and much more.

Download Snapchat for Mac
Download Snapchat for Mac

Snapchat for Mac OS
allows you to know whats nearby and see what the friends are up to. The app provides you with a set of effects
, so you can send those to your friends and have more fun. The Snapchat’s user interface is designed much similar to the other chatting applications, which enables you to use the application without any hassle. But the Snapchat has more fun
than other similar chatting applications.

Specifications of Snapchat for Mac

Application Name
: SnapchatDeveloper
: Snap Inc.
: 10.12.1Categories
: Social Networking
:  Multiple languagesFile size
: 217 MBCompatibility
: Requires Mac OS X and later

Features of Snapchat for Mac

The salient features of Snapchat Mac are
listed below

Unlimited Messages
: The Snapchat
for Mac OS allows you to send and receive messages without any limitation, there will be no hidden charges for this, the only thing you have to spend is your data charges.

: The Snapchat provides you with an option to share the photos
and videos
with your friends easily, the app interface compresses the video before sending, so you no longer have to wait for sending.

Time Limit
: You can add a time limit to your snap, and it gets deleted automatically after the expiration of the time in the snapchat.

Save Photos
: The Snapchat has the better integration
with the Macbook hard drive, in which you can easily save the received photos to your Macbook and use it whenever you want.

Stickers & Emojis
: The Snapchat has a plenty of sticker and emoji
options to share with. This will add more meanings to your chat and express yourself in a more creative way.

: The Snapchat is a multi-platform application which is available for almost all the platforms, which enables you to get in touch with your beloved ones always.

: The app interface allows you to add artworks
to the photos using a doodle option and you can even add text to it. This enables you to make some fun with your friend’s photos and share with them in no time.

Voice & Video Call
: The app interface allows you to make voice calls and even video calls with others when the words are not enough.

Related applications for Snapchat for Mac

This Post is about Snapchat for Mac
Download, the related applications of Snapchat
are listed below

Hangouts for Mac
is the Powerful messaging and Video Calling Application, which is developed by the Google.

Skype for Mac
is the most popular video calling Application in the market, which allows you to make the video calls and send the instant messages.

Instagram for Mac 
is an online mobile based photo-sharing application

WhatsApp Messenger for Mac
is an instant messenger application to send and receive text messages, photos etc

Line for Mac
helps you to keep in touch with friends and family members both at home and abroad.

Download Snapchat for Mac

Unfortunately, Snapchat is not available for MacOS. But you can access Snapchat on Mac by installing the Android Emulators like BlueStacks.

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Thank you for reading our post. If you have any doubt about Snapchat for Mac
, please comment below.

Скачать и установить Snapchat на Mac на самом деле просто, однако потребуется настройка дополнительных приложений.

Запуск приложения Снэпчат на базе операционной системы MAC OS схож с запуском на компьютерах под управлением Windows. На помощь нам снова приходит программа BlueStacks – самый распространенный эмулятор Android, которым можно запустить Snapchat и на Mac

Несмотря на всем известную синхронизацию устройств Apple между собой, для стационарных компьютеров и ноутбуков яблочной компании не была предусмотрена поддержка сервиса Снапчат. Поэтому приходится пользоваться обходными путями для получения месседжера Snapchat.

Инструкция для Snapchat на MAC

Для запуска приложения на MAC необходимо приложение Bluestacks. Скачать его можно и на сторонних ресурсах, но никто не гарантирует безопасность и стабильную работу эмулятор. Скачать программу, без дополнительных загрузчиков можно нажав на соответствующую кнопку ниже.

Распаковав установочные файлы, запустите exe-файл и следуйте инструкции инсталлятора. После того, как установка будет завершена, перед вами откроется полноценный эмулятор системы Android.

Программа предложит зарегистрировать новый аккаунт или зайти в ранее созданную учетную запись – выбирайте подходящий вам пункт. После этого утилита синхронизируется с Google и вам станет доступен Play Market. В поисковой строке набираете название Snapchat и скачиваете на ваше Mac-устройство. BlueStacks в точности воспроизводит все функции и действия Андроид-планшета.

Запускайте приложение. В нем вам необходимо зарегистрировать новый аккаунт. Для этого введите адрес электронной почти и нажмите Далее. Программа предложит придумать логин и сложный пароль, дабы никто не смог получить доступ к учетной записи Снэпчат.

Точно также запускайте утилиту Блюстакс с рабочего стола MAC OS. Как видите, принцип установки Снапчат идентичен установке на систему Windows. В интернете можно найти множество статей на тему «Snapchat on MAC», но все они сводятся к эмулятору Андроида. Теперь вы знаете, как пользоваться месседжером с компьютеров Apple.

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