Twilight Sparkle x Discord (Hearths Warmimg Eve)

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Twilight Sparkle x Discord (Hearths Warmimg Eve)


Read plz!

Twilight Sparkle x Discord (Hearths Warmimg Eve)

I also uploaded this to Wattpad as my first story I finally started writing,if you have a request then go ahead and tell me.


   It was Hearths Warming Eve and Pinkie Pie did what she did every year.Through a super fun Pinkie Pie style Party.It was being held in Applejack's barn during the light snowfall that came down earlier that day.Everypony brought gifts for each other on this very special day.

   "Okay Everypony is everyone here" said the over exited part pony,everyone looked around the barn and gave a small nod while sitting down on the green and red checkered blanket next to the lit up tree in the center of the barn,munching on goodies they all brought.

   Fluttershy looked around finishing her apple tart and exclaimed "Wait where's Discord I thought he said he would come on by",at the name of the annoying draconaques Everypony groaned.All but one lilac alicorn mare.Twilight instead had a light pink blush tainting her fur.

    It disappeared at the sudden voice of a familiar voice "Right here of course" in an instant the mismatched creature just appeared out of nowhere as usual and brought with him six gifts wrapped neatly having each mares color as ribbon and pape wrapped in his red dragon tail.

   Dropping the gifts by the tree Discord plopped down next to Fluttershy and Twilight."Oooookay~" Pinkie slurred nervously shaking her head and racing over to the tree,dawning a Santa hat and beard out of nowhere she  picked up a random gift from the tree and read "To Applejack from Rarity" she said handing the gift to AJ

   Pinkie kept reading each tag and handing each gift to each mare and draconaques,Fluttershy had told them Discord would be coming to and even if they dispised the chaos lord they were still friends.

    Everyone got their gifts and were happy with all of them,AJ got new farm tools and attire,Rainbow got tickets to the next Wonderbolts air show and new Dumbbells,Fluttershy got more pet supplies and new mane ribbon,Pinkie Pie got new party supplies and she got down to planning the next party,and Twilight got a new book series she's been dying to start reading and some new winter attire.

   Pinkie reached under the tree and pulled out the final gift a small lilac gift wrapped box with a ribbon dyed dark purple,pink,and magenta.Picking up the tag Pinkie read "To Twilight from Discord" looking a bit nervous she picked up the gift with her magenta aroua and slowly untied the ribbon.She shifted her blue scarf that Rarity made for her as her gift she opened the lid and everyone took cover as Discord only leaned forward with a genuine smile on his lips.

   Pulling off the lid to the tiny box Twilight gasped,Everypony ducked waiting to hear what it was.Using her magic Twilight pulled out a beautiful necklace.

   It had a silver chain with her cutiemark as a centerpiece,it looked like her element of harmony only tiny,five pearls were spaces and going up the chain.Rarity gasped and began to say her fashion nonsense that no pony could understand whatsoever.

   Discord reached over and removed Rarity's scarf and clipped the necklace onto Twilight's neck "As much of an annoyance as it is to not be prancking any of you I will be nice tonight".Twilight just sat and admired the necklace turning to Discord Twilight said a pleasant "Thank you" and blushed earning a blush from the male.

   The mares in the room either gagged or 'awed' at them.Looking at the clock AJ announced "Well we all better be getting home don'cha think" she said with a yawn beginning to Mae it to the door.The others followed and turned off the lanterns carrying the gifts in their bags.

   Twilight carried a long since passed out Spike on her back and walked up to her catsle door,opening it up she put Spike in his room and walked through the castle to a den like area,it had several book shelves,a few coaches and chairs,a desk,and a fireplace.

   Lighting the fire Twilight set her bag down and pulled out her new book,getting comfortable she started to read.

-An Hour Later-

   About an hour later Twilight felt a finger tap her shoulder making her jump slightly.Turning her head quickly she saw the mismatched draconaques holding his lion paw in shock from her movement.Sighing in relief Twilight closed her book and said "What is it Discord it's like" she turned to a clock on the wall "2:30 in the morning.

   Looking away nervously he mumbled "I wanted to give you something else" h said barely audible yet Twilight could still hear.Sitting up she turned and looked at him he turned to her and stared into her violet eyes.

   Grunting he launched forward and caught her lips with his,Twilight stood  shocked trying to wrap her mind around what was happening.He pulled away quick blushing like a mad man and added quickly "Happy Hearths Warming Eve Twiley I'll see you soon" with that he vanished.Leaving Twilight a frozen statue.










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